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  • Pink Champagne

    Pink vanilla champagne infused cake filled with Bavarian cream. Iced with whip topping and covered in pink chocolate shavings. 

  • Pink Sprinkle Donut Cake 6" (10 servings)

    Featuring our Confetti cake with confetti butter cream frosting and a yummy Homer donut on top! 6" 10 servings

  • Pup Cake 7"

    DOG FRIENDLY this is NOT for humans. Made with all natural ingredients including; flour, egg. peanut butter. and shredded carrots. Filled and iced with whip cream and topped with dog milk bones. 7" 2 layer

  • Purple Mermaid Kiss Cake (6" 10 serving)

    Try our signature mermaid cake; Purple Velvet (just like red velvet BUT its purple), filled and iced with our signature cream cheese frosting. Decorated with buttercream ruffles, sprinkles, chocolate sea shells and a...

  • Rainbow Jello

    Seven layer Jello flavored cake featuring orange, lemon, lime, blueberry, grape and raspberry filled with vanilla bean buttercream. Iced with buttercream and covered in confetti Jimmie sprinkles.

  • Red Velvet Cake 6" (10 servings)

    Featuring our velvety red velvet cake filled with cream cheese frosting and iced in a cream cheese red velvet crumb frosting. 6" (10 serving)

  • S'Mores Cake 6" (10 servings)

    Chocolate cake baked with a graham cracker crust filled with truffle and toasted marshmallows. Iced in chocolate truffle and graham cracker crumbs topped with toasted meringue and Hershey chocolate bars.

  • Salted Caramel

    Brown sugar vanilla cake filled with sea salt caramel buttercream. Iced in caramel buttercream with a caramel pour and sea salt.

  • Salted Caramel OMG Cake

    Our most popular cake flavor, piled high with gourmet salted caramel desserts such as; french macaroons, chocolate chunks, dipped preztel sticks, cake pops and more!  6"(10 servings) / 8"(20 servings)

  • Snickerdoodle (Vegan)

    Cinnamon sugar cake filled with cinnamon sugar icing. Iced with cinnamon sugar icing. This cake is Vegan, made with NO animal products.

  • Strawberry Love 6"

    Strawberry vegan cake filled with vegan strawberry danish, iced in a strawberry vegan cream. Finished with a beautiful honey comb texture,ruffle dollops and red fondant hearts. 6" 10 serving

  • Strawberry Short Cake

    Vanilla bean cake filled with strawberry Danish. Iced in strawberry whip cream and sugar cookie crumbs. Topped with fresh strawberries. 6" 10 serving

  • Taco Brownie 6" (10 servings)

    Let's taco 'bout how awesome this cake is! This ones for all those brownie lovers! Featuring our chocolate cake baked with brownies, filled/iced with fudge and brownie butter cream. And of course a few bite size tacos on...

  • Unicorn Cake

    This magical cake is a delicious rainbow jello cake featuring a layer of raspberry, grape and blueberry flavors, filled with a fruity marshmallow filling. Covered in our supreme butter cream and a thin layer of white fondant...

  • Vanilla Raspberry 6" (10 servings)

    Vanilla bean cake filled with gourmet raspberry puree. Iced with vanilla bean buttercream and topped with fresh raspberries. 6" (10 servings)

  • Yellow Chocolate Sprinkle Donut (6' 10 servings)

    Yellow cake, filled and iced with a delicious milk chocolate buttercream, decorated with sprinkles, chocolate and a chocolate donut.